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26 locations in 4 countries
Our Ecos Office Business Center is situated in all important commercial centers of Germany, e.g. in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart, as well as in France, Luxembourg and in Spain.
Our modern offices, some of which are located in buildings of great architectural interest, are, without exception, situated in the town centres with excellent traffic connections.

Flexible jobs and professional office service
Our business center provides enterprises, trades firms, and sales offices as well as self-employed freelancers, start ups and agencies with tastefully-furnished adaptable working space and professional office services.
  • Our comfortably furnished offices and conference rooms offer state-of-the-art technical equipment. They are immediately available and ready for occupation.

  • Our short-term office rental allows flexible usage of office space on an hourly or daily basis.
  • As a professional office service we take care of your paper work and provide multilingual phone service.

International Expansion

Our 6 offices and business centers in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland allow you to expand your business internationally with relatively little expenditure and low risk.

Expanding your business can be easily realized without bureaucratic formalities and high leasing costs.

Our employees on site possess expert knowledge about local conditions; bureaucratic formalities and legal requirements, such as tax regulations. To simplify your first steps establishing your company abroad our employees are there to assist you with their know-how, administrative support as well as their local contacts.

High property costs often create an obstacle, making initial steps to expand your company abroad more difficult. These costs, however, completely disappear due to the flexible workspace solution a business center can offer in that you rent an office just for the time it is needed.

9 reasons for a business center

  • Immediately available workspace.
  • Fully-equipped offices and conference rooms in different sizes - free of commission and available for every budget.
  • Huge savings on investment and office costs as rooms are fully furnished and equipped with cutting-edge technology.
  • Short-term offices in which the leasing period is adapted to your individual needs. Renting on an hourly or daily basis is optional.
  • Uncomplicated rental: one phone call is all it takes!
  • A perfect working environment where you can concentrate on your work undisturbed by outside influences.
  • Your business can operate in many important locations thanks to virtual offices and postal addresses.
  • Your company will be constantly accessible by phone with our professional phone service answering your calls. Our services ensure satisfied customers.
  • Stress reduction is guaranteed by our administration services which take care of your office administration work.
In this way a business center maximizes flexibility and efficiency while, at the same time, minimizing costs.

We would be pleased to develop an individual concept for you and your company. Feel free to contact us.

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