Prepare your company for Brexit and remain part of the EU

Is your company prepared for Brexit? Keep one foot on the mainland!

Office solutions and virtual addresses across Germany, France and other European countries for company and branch registration

Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union in the referendum at the end of June 2016, many things are still uncertain. One thing that does seem to be certain at the moment, though, is that the exit is inevitable, as politicians on both sides of the channel proclaim.

Therefore, company leaders need to think about their strategic setup regarding locations in the EU, in order to keep in touch – and in business – with Europe. The joint business center network of ecos office center and BuroClub offers cost-effective office solutions that make it easy to register a company within Europe.

Whether you want to set up a location abroad, register your company within Europe or need physical office space – our 90 European office center locations offer solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Let us use our experience and contacts to local authorities to help you set up your company or subsidiary in mainland Europe, and benefit from our friendly on-site services.

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