Business Center Lyon South

Looking for a serviced office rental solution in Lyon south (Vénissieux) ? Come and discover the benefits of this business centre, located at the gates of Lyon (Vénissieux, Lyon south) and only 5 minutes from the main train station 'Vénissieux'. This new business centre offers you serviced offices, a coworking space for mobile workers and start-up , as well as a set of virtual office services for your company. It will open in May 2016.

Willing to rent offices in the south of Lyon ? Already installed in Lyon region and willing to optimize your real estate costs ? Come and discover the benefits of our BURO Club Relay in Lyon south (Vénissieux). This business centre provides serviced office solutions, ideally located 5 minutes from Vénissieux train station. Renting your office in our BURO Club Relay is the ideal solution to start or develop your business in the best possible conditions in the south of Lyon.