Your franco-german business center

ecos office center forbach is ideally situated in Forbach, France, at the border with Germany, half-way on the high speed train line between Paris and Frankfurt, you are less than 2 hours from your meetings in Paris and Frankfurt. You are ideally situated to take advantage of the synergies of the simultaneous development your company on french and german markets; thanks to the proximity of the ecos office center saarbrücken in Germany, you can manage both markets with reduced costs. 

ecos is your perfect, flexible, cost-efficient solution!


Sébastien Koren
ecos office center forbach
31 avenue Saint Rémy
FR - 57600 Forbach

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Fax: +33 3 7288-1001

Our office solutions in the office center bremen forbach

Whether you need a business address, telephone service or administrative service, an office, workspace, meeting or conference room – ecos office center bremen is the first stop for demanding, modern companies!