Your virtual office in Essen – quick and easy with maximum flexibility

Secure your business address in the Ruhr metropolitan region.

Our working world is changing and flexibility is the order of the day. The classic workspace has in many ways become obsolete and been replaced by the virtual office. 

But if you are looking for a prestigious official business location in Essen, we have the perfect solution for you: a location without a fixed office.

Save costs with a virtual office

Use the opportunity to save costs and expand whenever you want with a virtual office. With the ecos office center essen, you have a reliable partner at your side who will organize and enliven your virtual office. And we do so with fair terms and no hidden costs.

A virtual office offers you the greatest flexibility because your office solution is tailored to your individual needs. Our professional staff provides excellent office services including receiving telephone calls and mail under your company’s name, forwarding these and scheduling appointments if you wish. And if you would like to rent a conference room for meetings with customers or employees at your new business address, you will enjoy favorable rental terms for a temporary office.

Your virtual office can be set up on very short notice. The short contract periods and easy adjustment of contract terms to your company’s development also give you the organizational and financial freedom you need. 

By the way: We offer limited special terms for virtual offices during your company’s start-up period to make things easier for you.

Our virtual office services

Your new branch in the heart of the Ruhr region

Do you have customers in the Ruhr region? Set up a point of contact near your customers by quickly and easily establishing a new branch. Along with your business address, we offer you postal service, a local telephone number with call forwarding or personal telephone service as well as the use of office space, meeting rooms and administrative services. We would be happy to work with you to put together a personal, perfectly tailored service package for your company.

Your fully furnished business location in Essen

Would you like to establish a new company or move your business location to Essen? We would be happy to put together a perfectly tailored package from our individual office services: For example, you can combine your business address with a telephone number, telephone service and an office. At ecos, you can find a variety of possibilities for quick and affordable office solutions that meet the demands of your company and the legal requirements for an official business location.

Your prestigious business address in Essen

Our postal service is available to you when you establish your business address with us. In addition to a postal address, you receive further service options such as mail reception, mail processing and mail forwarding.

All you need – your virtual office in Essen


A virtual office in an ecos office center offers you a modern solution with very clear commercial and infrastructural benefits: 

  • You establish your branch or new company and immediately have a suitable office including furnishings.
  • You can adapt your virtual office flexibly to your business needs.
  • You do not need to conclude any long-term rental or lease contracts.
  • You profit from low and transparent costs, which makes financial planning very reliable during the start-up phase.
  • Your can enjoy a professional office environment without investments on your part.
  • You have a workspace and meeting room at the same address.
  • You can easily upgrade to a complete office if necessary.
  • You can quickly build a network of branches via the ecos office center group.
  • You receive support from a well-trained administrative assistant and qualified management assistants.
  • You pay for staff service according to actual use without fixed salaries.
  • You have no expenses for organizing replacements for sick leave or vacations.

Business address with a variety of options

All services can be combined as needed. We bill any services not contained in the service package at an affordable rate according to actual use. Personal services in 3-minute work units instead of high, fixed salaries. The professional service also saves you money! 

An overview of our all our services: 

  • Business address
  • Business address / official business location
  • Postal service, mail processing, mail forwarding
  • Local telephone number
  • Call forwarding to your desired destination
  • Personal telephone service
  • Available office, temporary office
  • Available meeting rooms
  • Administrative services

High-quality furnishings in the office environment

The entire office environment at the ecos office center is completely furnished so you never need to make your own investments.

An overview of the furnishings: 

  • Modern office building
  • Office hours from Mon. – Thur. 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Fri. to 5:00 pm
  • Reception / greeting during office hours
  • Completely furnished offices
  • Meeting rooms with presentation technology
  • State-of-the-art office technology: Telephone system, network laser printer, high-performance color copier, fax machine, small devices (stamp machine, binder, shredder, etc.)
  • Completely furnished kitchen

Use our administrative service

Our professional and reliable administrative service is available for you at the ecos office center essen.

An overview of our administrative service: 

  • Well-trained administrative assistants
  • Administrative service is offered 49 hours a week (Mon. – Thur. 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Fri. to 5:00 pm)
  • No expenses for organizing replacements for sick leave or vacations
  • Completely furnished secretary workspaces with current hardware and software 


from 20 € per day


from 30 € per hour

Virtual Office

from 70 € per month

Secretary service

from 30 € per hour

Cross-Site Services


Use Meeting Rooms at multiple locations and get a 20% discount


Flexible Workplaces on demand from 5 up to 21 locations in Germany with only one contract


One contract for 5 to 21 Business Addresses - Cost efficient and easy to book

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