Our highly skilled and multilingual team will take care of you and your guests with professional service.

Our philosophy

For us, our customers are the most important people.

We treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Our customers' success is our prime concern; we help them to improve their competitiveness with flexible terms of service.

We offer them security and the extraordinary advantage of absolute reliability with a generally recognized, leading service.

Our service programs are setting benchmarks.

We work reliably, with pleasure and enthusiasm, to promote our customers' advantage.

We are as dedicated to fulfilling our customers' wishes, as we are to furthering our own profit and well-being.

We are a friendly, competent team, keeping the focus ou our goals in everything we do.

We are trained and employed according to personal knowledge and skills, and exceptional service is perfectly normal for us.

Marianne Pfefferkorn   Kim Helmstorff   Marlene Seidel   Miriam Molge   Madeliene Osterhoff  

Cornelia Marquardt education time   Felix Oldag   Inga Geerties   Martin Hoppe  

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