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Guyana is located in South America and the only French county located on this continent.

Guyana is known thanks to its fantastic biodiversity and its spatial center (Kourou). Guyana’s location is very strategic for any companies wishing to develop business in South America from this geographical hub.

Our Guyana Business Center is located at the gates of the capital Cayenne.
The building is only 5 minutes from downtown Cayenne and 20 minutes from the international airport Félix Eboué.

Our business center provides 6 flexible, on-demand workspaces, 1 day office for your face-to-face meetings in Cayenne and one meeting room accommodating up to 12 people for your sales meeting, board or product presentations.

An experienced team will assist you to establish your company in Guyana (virtual office plans, connections to lawyers, etc.): a real one-stop shop to set up your company or open a new branch in Cayenne!

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Immeuble Faic 1er étage, Route de Montabo, 1, avenue Gustave Charlery
97300 Cayenne

Tel:  0800-225 04 62
0049-6196-400 175