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Do you also belong to the ever-increasing group of mobile entrepreneurs? Or are you just preparing a company launch or business start-up? In that case, the ecos office center essen is the business center of your choice. We have been in business offering customized office solutions and personal service in Essen for more than 19 years.

Modern offices in Essen

At our business center, you will find prestigious offices, modern technical equipment and professional office services – everything on flexible, favorable terms. Whether you need offices, conference rooms, telephone service or administrative services – here you will find everything you need for the success of your company, business start-up or new branch office in Essen.

Convenient location

Our business center is located in the middle of the Ruhr metropolis in Essen, convenient to the national expressway number 42, extremely easy to reach via public transport, and it has ample free-of-charge parking facilities.

At the ecos office center essen, you secure the professional image of your company, but only book and pay for the options you need, thus cutting your costs. With us, you can take care of your business and forget the office.

Hiring office space and office service in Essen – at our business center, this is very simple: just sign the contract and go – take care of your business and forget the office!

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ecos office center essen
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