Feng Shui at the ecos office center munich

The new owner of our building recognized that Feng Shui has, in fact, influence on personal well-being – and in the working environment, too. The entrance halls of ecos office center munich have now been decorated with fantastic pictures in huge illuminated frames. Wonderful tree motifs – the symbol of life and growth – greet anyone who enters the foyer.

At ecos office center munich, the teachings of Feng Shui have been practiced for many years and realized in every corner of the 2,300 m² central area. From the unique continental ambient design, to especially installed “energetic entrances” (gladly sacrificing rental space) through unconventional decorative items and special additives to the wall colors. All this to ensure one thing: a sense of well-being, prosperity, success and harmony for all staff, visitors, training participants and last but not least, for our customers.

Would you like to find out more? We are happy to show you the particular features of our center!