Professional fire and workplace safety at ecos office center munich

Our only male colleague in Munich – Massimo Gesué – has successfully completed his traineeship as the company FIRE PROTECTION ASSISTANT. He is now ready for this responsibility at the ecos office center munich, and also as CORPORATE FIRST AIDER.

In addition, Mr. Gesué is in charge of SAFETY AT WORK. One of his first suggestions for change was the introduction of SIT & STAND workspaces. Birgit König, owner of the ecos office center munich, was enthusiastic about the concept and implemented it within just a week´s time. The team at the business center in Munich now works at three height-adjustable or “yo-yo” desks (mobile, height-adjustable tabletops), testing to what extent alternating sitting and standing affects daily well-being at work. The team members have loved this chance and already use them extensively. This is why now we gladly offer height-adjustable desks to our customers for SIT & STAND WORKING, too!

Are you interested? Just ask our reception team and we will find a suitable solution for you as a customer at the ecos office center munich.