Your new office in Zurich – ideal conditions for your success!

Our business center offers you customized office, conference and service solutions which allow you to concentrate fully on your company’s success!

In Zurich, the business center of Switzerland, our modern offices are available to you as a location for your company, business start-up, day office or conference. Put the personal atmosphere in our prestigious office rooms and the professional administrative services performed by our competent team to the test!

Business center saves costs

Especially if you wish to set up a new company or business location, you will appreciate the cost cuts which can be achieved by hiring temporary offices in Zurich. You save high investment and personnel costs and can still use professional services from our administrative office, such as our telephone service.

If you rent an office at the ecos office business center in Zurich, you can also use offices and meeting rooms at a discount at 31 European locations, or via our partner Alliance Business Center Network even at 650 addresses worldwide.

Top service at a top location in Zurich – with ecos office center you will lay the foundation for your business success!

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